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These, for me, are the two most depressing paintings in western history. They were painted by post-impressionist Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec, a man who, due to inbreeding, was born with a genetic disorder that prevented his legs from growing after they were broken. After being so thoroughly mocked for is appearance, he became an alcoholic, which is what eventually caused his institutionalization and death. His only known romantic relations were with prostitutes.

And then he paints something like this which is so beautiful and tender and sentimental. It seems like the couple in bed really loves each other—cares about each other. Wakes up happy to look at each other. And I see that love and passion and I wonder how lonely he must have been. I wonder how he could paint something like this without it breaking his heart. 

Maybe they say artists should create what they know, not because its unbelievable when they extend themselves beyond their experiences, but because when they pull it off with such elegance, it’s so damn unbearable to look at. I hate thinking of Lautrec, wondering about the lovers he created and knowing it was beyond his experience. Creating something that he knows is beautiful and knows he’ll never really understand. 

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Sculptures by Cameron Stalheim. He is interested in fantasy, reality and the objectification that happens in between.  His website & More of his art

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(via art21): WATCH: Kiki Smith: PrintmakingIn a new episode from the Exclusive series, artist Kiki Smith discusses the challenges and pleasures of printmaking. This episode features previously unreleased footage filmed in 2002 at the printmaking workshop, Harlan & Weaver, in New York City. IMAGES: Production stills from the Art21 Exclusive episode, Kiki Smith: Printmaking. © Art21, Inc. 2013.



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cloud iridescence — caused as light diffracts through tiny ice crystals or water droplets of uniform size, usually in lenticular clouds — photographed by rolf kohl. (more cloud pics)

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Quynh “Su” Tran

"Bon Voyage"

"One-of-a-kind Artist Book
Screenprint & Threads

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Pleased to announce our newest book arts acquisition: 

The Deep by Kevin Steele.


"The Deep is a tribute to maritime folklore and tradition developed over centuries of nautical exploration… [It] is a circular accordion pop-up book which unfolds to an oversized eight-point compass rose. The compass, arguably the sailor’s most valuable instrument, not only enables accurate navigation but brings good luck, ensuring safe passage home and protecting against a watery end in the Deep.”

Visit the artist’s website, for many more beautiful views of this work and additional description!

If you want to take a look in person just stop by the desk in our reading room and our librarians will probably offer a bit of assistance.  I particularly recommend getting a group together and stopping by since it is a great one to gather around. 

See it in the catalog: http://infohawk.uiowa.edu/F/?func=find-b&find_code=SYS&local_base=UIOWA&request=007449255

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Body comparative #52 (1,2)

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